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What is the Kiribex Standardized Ton (KiST)?

Simply stated: We designed KiST from the ground up to be the highest quality carbon standard in the world.  Through significant limitations on accepted technologies, to requirements for direct measurements of carbon dioxide captured, our credits outperform all other contenders in terms of trustworthiness, impact and universal applicability to all projects.

The highest quality carbon standard

A variety of actions generate carbon credits for sale in today’s markets.  Those actions include carbon storage and/or utilization, but also include carbon credit sources like green electricity generation (solar, wind, hydroelectric, etc.), emissions reductions based on arbitrary levels, nonsensical credits awarded for not destroying forests (often at 10 or even 15 times multiples relative to actual stored tons), and many other similar things. Typical carbon credits try to group these projects together, however combining these categories results in lower quality carbon credits that have confusing definitions, and questionable impacts.

The Kiribex Standardized Ton (KiST) is the highest quality carbon standard achievable today because it is issued exclusively for carbon storage and/or utilization actions.

KiST strips out all questionable, harder-to-quantify, less transparent actions from its issuance process.  As a result, KiST is very easy to define, easy to understand, and even easier to justify as a direct offset to emissions.  This is not to say that those actions are of zero value, but rather that storage or utilization are of higher value (justifying a higher price), easier to measure, and should therefore not be conflated with lower-impact, lower-value actions.


KiST carbon standard requirements

  • One KiST = one measured ton of CO2 removed or used e.g.: provable
  • Contains the rights to claim those carbon reductions
  • Users can not claim the same rights under other systems – e.g.: other carbon credit issuances, but also governmental, regulatory, stakeholder messaging, etc.

KiST carbon credit features

  • Issued on a blockchain in the form of a fungible token
  • Tradable via the Kirbex Market and by others means
  • Must be destroyed to claim its inherent (incorporated) rights
  • Fungibility

Benefits of Kiribex and KiST

Kiribex’s novel approach to issuance and market creation lead to many improvements over the status quo.

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What qualifies for KiST?

A variety of processes, both future and current, meet the rigid requirements for KiST issuances already.

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What makes KiST different?

From our requirements for measurable and verifiable storage/utilization, to the innovative ways we reduce fraud and other risks, our standard is a real improvement on the current carbon credit systems.

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