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Kiribex is focused on delivering innovative ways to manage carbon credit risk by improving issuance systems and trading. Whether you are already a large carbon storing company, a company with future projects waiting for the markets to offer actionable prices, a tiny producer of insufficient size to participate in current solutions, or in need of impactful ways to meet your net-zero goals, Kiribex is the platform for you.

Fundamentally, Kiribex delivers four things:

KiST: The highest quality carbon credit standard in the world
→ A completely transparent issuance system and global trading platform using blockchain technology
A proprietary business processes enabling companies to earn fungible carbon credits from projects all over the world
A best-in-class marketplace

We're already accepting pre-registrations for submitters and validators

Make sure you are ready on day one.

Kiribex is developing a world-class trading platform

Explore Kiribex-issued products as they become available to find opportunities, reduce carbon trading risk, and ensure your carbon-related, net-zero goals are being met.

Respond instantly to and monitor global price changes in carbon markets.

Discover global prices for products traded on our marketplace.

Trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

See how our cutting-edge technology can augment your trading strategy and allows you to purchase carbon credits to meet your net-zero goals.

The Kiribex Marketplace is coming soon

Follow the link below to pre-register as a user, and to join our mailing list for updates and upcomming launch information.

Coming Soon

Our issuance system and marketplace are in development and near completion.

Come back soon for links to the respective websites.

This area is still under construction

Please pardon our dust!

The Kiribex platform is designed to solve many environmental, societal and economic problems related to climate change, all at the same time.


The Need for Kiribex

The world needs a transparent, global marketplace for standardized, trustworthy storage credits issued under a system that ensures that those credits have a public, provable environmental impact.

Kiribex creates new opportunities

Our streamlined, less costly and transparent credit-issuance process enables creation of new carbon storing companies that would otherwise be unable to afford the expense of registering for and selling their carbon credits.

Easy market adoption

Many industrial companies and carbon-capturing projects already meet our standard; it will be easy for them to make the switch, and, when the prices adjust, agricultural companies are likely to follow suit.

How do we raise the value of carbon storage efforts so that companies can earn profits and new companies can be formed; and in the process help meet climate change goals and consumer requirements?

Why choose the name Kiribex in the first place?
It turns out there’s a very good reason.