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Our proprietary algorithms and business processes are designed to create fungible carbon credits

Kiribex’s patent-pending issuance system ensures that we create only fungible carbon credits.  We strive to create a level playing field for all technologies and locations around the globe.  We accomplish this feat using algorithmic analysis of every carbon credit submission and strict requirements for third party validation on all requests of significant size.  These, accompanied by best-practice fraud prevention and anti-money laundering techniques, ensure we can support and help monetize a very diverse set of carbon credit producers while maintaining fairness and encouraging innovation for all participants.

The data from each issuance is kept separate from the carbon credit

Our system severs the issuance information/data from the issued token by first creating an NFT (non-fungible token) containing all relevant data for the submission and then sending a matching amount of carbon credit tokens


Each of our fungible carbon credit classes share grouped pools of data

Every token issuing event contributes its issuance data to and shares the issuance data of every other issuing event of the same designation (for example KiST tokens) to form the combined/shared basis for all tokens within that designation


We preserve fungibility via open-market transactions

The marketplace does not allow users to discern buyer or seller identities, thereby inhibiting any tracing attempts; instead it allows open market transactions and spot trading on a globally available blockchain-powered platform


This process achieves and maintains fungibility for any carbon credit

If the carbon credits standards are high enough, fungibility is preferred; high-quality fungible carbon credits should be traded globally (and used to directly offset emissions) without the need or wish to discern specific project or seller identities

Introducing KiST

Kiribex is launching a new carbon credit standard, focused exclusively on measurable and verifiable carbon storage.

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Transparency from blockchain

Kiribex is using blockchain technology to ensure that it delivers the most transparent carbon credit issuances.

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